After years of sold out Saturdays at the market, we realized we needed a bigger pit. A lengthy search brought us an Oyler smoker capable of turning out 1800 lbs. of meat, aka our “Big Red”.


We thought about stories swapped over the years and different ways people love to eat ‘cue. We traveled throughout Texas and beyond in search of ‘cue nirvana. As part of the “brotherhood of the ‘cue”, Mark worked alongside some of our country’s best pit masters sharing learning, challenges, tips and secrets.


We realized there are lots of ways people enjoy it, but you can’t get in traditional barbecue joints. Like what happens when brisket or bacon burnt ends meet a taco? Good, smoky bourbon. Fine tequila. Salads a dude would eat. Younger, hipper sides to wingman the classics. And hellacious melts that up the game on the simple meat and bun.


Knowing to “never trust a good idea until it survives the hangover”, daybreak came and we kept at it. Many months and a 7-story smokestack later, Brick’s was born.

Brick’s is a Florida-influenced, modern day interpretation of the classic Central Texas traditions of barbecue and cuisine. Texas Barbecue Culture is all about craftsmanship, devotion to time-honored methods, family, neighborliness and the fun of gathering round the table.


Our aim is to bring those traditions to our Sarasota community in our own way and to offer up a “double portion” of the best smoked meats available and heartfelt hospitality.



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executive chef

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